PINKtober and Sheesa News

October, or PINKtober, is breast cancer awareness month and Sheesa Beach is on board!

Breast Cancer is the second most common form of cancer and the leading form of cancer in women globally.

We were excited to join with Brest Friends in partnership with Al Jalila Foundation to do our part this PINKtober; raising funds in support of breast cancer research in the UAE.

The result was a hugely successful PINK Dive, whereby we saw 27 divers spending a day in the Musandam with us.

The plan was to donate 100% of the proceeds from the day to Brest Friends in support of the cause. Through the money raised on the day and some very generous donations on the part of our clients, we were able to donate a total of AED 11000 to Brest Friends.

We loved being part of this project and we’re proud to say the day was a success. We’ve already started planning for next year, so we hope you’ll be joining us for that!


While we’re on the topic of Cancer awareness, it’s almost the men's turn! Next month is officially Movember! Keep an eye on our social media to see what the men in our office will be up to next month!


We’ve mentioned the far North in our content before, and the restrictions that we must put in place to ensure that everyone comes home safely. After a flow of queries, it occurs to us that it might be a good idea to explain to you why we have these prerequisites in place.

The dive sites in question sit in the extreme far North of the Musandam, in the passage of water called the Strait of Hormuz.

The Strait is a passage of open water between Oman and Iran, which narrows down into a funnel like shape. This funnel creates a syringe effect, whereby a large volume of water is forced through a narrow channel.

This comes down to one thing, current! The sites this far North always involve current. These currents are often flowing extremely hard, not only horizontally, but vertically too.

We visit this area more consistently than anyone else and our guides have been diving the area for years, their experience is what allows us to dive these sites. They know the sites well enough to be able to guide you through the currents safely, but they need to be sure that you are ready as a diver for these conditions. Safety is our utmost priority and we simply refuse to place a diver who does not have the necessary experience into these sites.

Please be understanding with us in this regard, we’re only looking out for your safety. If you’re serious about wanting to dive the Strait, then give us a shout and speak to us about it. If you aren’t yet ready, we can put you through the necessary training in order to ensure you can dive and enjoy the Strait safely with us.


On to some more exciting news, we’re in the pre-planning stage of a 2019 Sardine Run trip to South Africa!

The greatest shoal on earth takes place in the winter months along the east coast of SA and draws people from across the globe; eager to witness the feeding frenzy and the masses of predators drawn in by the shoal.

At Sheesa beach we’re fortunate enough to have a team of Saffers on board who know the run, the conditions and the optimum sites to witness the phenomenon. We’re putting together an all inclusive trip with a shark conservation educational element, to take you on the ride of a lifetime.

You don’t want to miss out on this one, the elusive White is waiting for you on the East Coast.


2019 marks the start of a fresh chapter in the Sheesa story, whereby we aim to drive the educational side of what we do, putting back into the clients that give so much to us.

Therefore, allow us to introduce you to the Macro Musandam!

Over the course of seven months we’ll be hosting four liveaboard trips, aimed solely at photographers.

We’ll have guest speakers on board, and educational seminars designed to dramatically improve your skills with the camera. We’ll then be publishing a Macro Musandam journal, including the best work from the trip.

If you’re serious about your photography, this is a must do for you. Give Cecil a shout if you have any questions and watch our social media for dates and details.


This weekend we’ll be running our next PADI Assistant Instructor programme on the dive side.

At Sheesa we believe in a different brand of training; with an emphasis on the practical skills you’ll use in your journey as a dive pro. We take the time to invest in our students, as we believe that each one of them is a Sheesa Representative, long after they’ve completely their course.

Cecil is excited to take the next class on and we’re particularly stoked to report that our guide Michael will be taking the step from Dive Master to AI with the class. Michael has put in the hours, paid his dues and is more than deserving of his shot to step up the ladder. Best of luck bud, we’re right behind you all the way.


Anyone who has been here knows Cristy, and knows how vital she is to our operation.

During our busy season, through the winter months, Cristy shoulders an unbelievable amount of work and responsibility. She takes it in her stride and carries herself in a manner which makes us all proud! Well done Cristy!

When you’re dealing with Cristy during the winter, please bear in mind that she’s under a mountain of pressure, we’d appreciate it if you could do your part to assist her. Provide her with the documentation she needs in a timely manner to assist her in getting her administration processed smoothly, resulting in a better experience for you!


We’re always available through our emails, website and social media if you have any suggestions, questions or queries. We’d love to hear from you.

‘til next time!

Sheesa Beach