The Musandam provides fine coral reef diving. Plankton rich waters attract over 900 species of fish, ranging from tiny cleaner wrasse through to whale sharks. There are over 30 established dive sites although we have listed only the most popular and regularly dived sites. As the region is remote, and commercial fishing is not permitted, the biodiversity of marine life is immediately noticeable upon entering the water, and leaves a lasting impression on divers.

The dive sites themselves range in character from walls to extensive coral gardens. The combination of plankton and strong local currents attract a great range of pelagic species, which include both manta and eagle rays, along with whale sharks. The dive boats are often accompanied by dolphins, which like the calm waters of the Musandam fjords.

The dive sites of the Musandam deliver world class adventurous diving to experienced divers and inexperienced divers alike. There is diving to suit all qualifications and ages. Due to the low diving impact in the area, the reefs are healthy and marine life flourishes.

Please note that all degrees in the descriptions are headings and not bearings.