Hard Rock Café / Temple Island


Location: A pinnacle rising up to 10m above sea level and separated from the mainland just north of Ras Bashin located 35.7 nm @ 197 degrees from Dibba port Oman

Type of Dive Site: Gradually sloping reef down to a sandy bottom all the way around the rock. Has a wrecked dhow located on the eastern side in 20m of water which has now been broken up

Depth: 5 – 25

Marine Life: A lot of fish and different kinds of marine life in this area such as shoal of Jack Fish, Fusiliers, Rainbow Fish, Angel Fish, Bat Fish, Sting Ray, Lobster, sometimes Marble Ray, Leopard Shark and lots of Nudibranchs

Remarks: Start your dive entry in the North and swim around the Island. The reef will be at your right side. After 15 to 20 minutes of your dive, you will probably encounter a mild current. If it is mild you will be able to fin about 6-10m to get through it but if the current is strong, then turn and go with it. Exit will be somewhere at your entry area