Kachalu / Pop Rock


Location: Island located north of the Musandam Peninsula which is 46.8 nm @ 197 degrees from Dibba port of Oman

Type of Dive Site: Coral reef that gently slopes down to 15-18m and then becomes a vertical wall. Potentially the most current affected and dangerous site

Depth: 5 – 65

Marine Life: There are so many things to see in the area: Giant Trevally, Eagle Ray, Devil Ray, Barracuda, shoals of Jack Fish, Snappers, Moray Eels and if you are lucky you might see the Hammer Head and Black Tip Sharks

Remarks: Due to the islands Location, there is always current present here except during slack high tide which is the best time to dive it. Be wary of down currents and having a guide with local knowledge is almost a certainty. Not for the faint hearted