White Rock / Sydney Opera House


Location: 200m East North East of Ras Khayser headland. Easily located as you enter Sheesa Bay. This is a small (from surface) off-shore island

Type of Dive Site: Sloping reef

Depth: 3 – 60

Marine Life: Queen Fish, Barracuda, Bonita, Whale Shark, Giant Trevally, Big-Eye Tuna, Batfish, Marble Rays, Sea-Horse, Moorish Idols, Honeycomb Morays and Nudibranch

Remarks: Another potential flash point for strong currents. Any indication of current on the surface and this site should not be dived. Only for experienced drift divers. Very strong down current is sometimes present on the eastern point of this site. Very rewarding if you are diving tri-mix and get down into the fish-bowl on the western side at 45+m. There is an underwater ridge that connects to the mainland