Winter is Coming!

Whether you’re a diver or not, it’s important to be aware of the cold and what over-exposure can do to you.

We’re talking Hypothermia, of course!



Hypothermia, simply put, is a dangerous drop in core body temperature. It’s the condition that takes hold when we’re losing body heat faster than we can produce it; it’s caused by prolonged exposure to the cold and it’s therefore a very real consideration we need to take into account when diving in colder water.

On average, our core body temperature hovers around 37℃ and risk of hypothermia sets in at around 35℃.

As our body loses core temperature, the shivers might set in while our body pumps blood toward the internal organs and our survival mechanisms go to work. We lose dexterity due to a lack of blood in the extremities and our state begins to decline.

As the "fumbles, stumbles and mumbles" take effect, our body temperature drops further. We lose the ability to perform coordinated tasks, walk or move smoothly and talk clearly. We will experience difficulty in thinking and we’ll become sluggish and low on energy.

The most frightening part of the condition is that we’re often unaware of the symptoms ourselves, failing to recognize the danger of the condition setting in.

If Hypothermia is left untreated we may start to lose consciousness, our breathing will become shallower and our pulse will weaken, finally we’ll lose the battle as the condition turns fatal.



By educating ourselves to the risks, causes, symptoms and dangers around hypothermia, we can become safer, better divers. At Sheesa we firmly believe this should be the aim of every diver from the very outset of their diving journey.

So what can we do?

It’s very simple, in the case of the cold, prevention is far better than a cure.

Plan your dives in the winter months and prepare accordingly. Use of the appropriate gear will not only dramatically improve our chances of diving safely, but also raise the level of enjoyment we get from the dive.

We also need to take responsibility for our buddies, when diving in colder conditions be sure to pay attention to the state of the people around you. Watch for the signs and symptoms of over-exposure to the cold; and cancel any dives when you believe someone is at risk. It’s not worth your health or your safety to push the boundaries.

If you’re confused or have any questions about what gear you should be using, don’t hesitate to give us a shout. Our dive staff are super knowledgeable and enjoy helping out. They’ll gladly discuss your concerns and your needs with you, in order to ensure you’re using the correct gear for the conditions you’re diving. We’re available on our emails, through our website and on our social media.

On a local note, we’re super busy at the moment and we have a great upcoming weekend planned.
Our dhows will be out and our clients will be enjoying the perfect conditions at this time of year. We do have one dhow still available for private charter; so if you fancy a weekend on the water, a bonfire and BBQ on the beach, some sun and relaxation or some of the Musandam’s famous diving give Cristy a shout on to book today!


That’s all from us.

Have a great week!

Sheesa Beach