Mushroom Rock


Location: This is a submerged reef located between Red and Black Island. This is inside Sheesa Bay which is 39.5 nm @ 193 degrees from Dibba port of Oman

Type of Dive Site: Table top like reef with sloping walls and an underwater ridge on the eastern side

Depth: 5 – 25

Marine Life: There are so many different kinds of marine life in the area, lots of Fusiliers, Barracuda, jacks, Parrot Fish, King Fish, Sting Ray, Scorpion Fish, Bat Fish, Damsel Fish and Honeycomb Eel

Remarks: Best dived on a slack high tide as there can be a current present. Either a GPS or landmark triangulation is needed to locate this sunken reef. On a clear day you are able to see the reef and drop accordingly