Fanaku Island / Little Quoin Island



Location: This is the middle of the three islands in the Straits and lies approximately 56nm from Dibba Oman port @ a bearing of 189 degrees

Type of Dive Site: Sloping coral reef. This dive site is covered in beautiful soft and hard corals

Depth: 5 – 30+

Marine Life: Leopard Sharks, Eagle Rays, Turtles, Batfish, Snapper, Giant Barracuda, Giant Trevally, Spanish Dancer Nudibranch and Slipper Lobster

Remarks: Very close to the Oman military base in the Straits and can only be dived if the vessel is captained by a local Omani. Can have very strong down currents towards the  western side of the island. An incredibly rewarding dive. Predominantly dived on the eastern side as this allows shelter from prevailing currents. Beautiful whip corals are a feature of this site